Bus vs. Rail

One of the claims by the pro railsaa-lrt-bus-saarbruecken-interchg-apr2003_s-baguettegroup is the promise in a significant reduction in travel time from Kapolei transit center to Downtown.  They estimated the rail to take about fifty-three minutes to get from Kapolei Downtown.  When in present day it takes the Country Express C Bus thirty-eight to fifty-two minutes to make the same trip depending on the time one travels and the intensity of the traffic.  If someone were to travel during rush hour traffic the Country Express C Bus will more likely take a travel time closer to fifty-two minutes or more.  On the other hand if someone takes the same bus at a non-rush hour time the trip will take a travel time of thirty-two minutes.  In either situation the rail transit system will take longer.  One of the main reasons why the Country Express C Bus and other express buses have decent travel times is because they are able to use the Zipper Lane.  At the moment of this article’s publication in 2013 the Zipper Lane only went one way, from Kapolei to Downtown.  This means the trip into Downtown from Kapolei takes a shorter amount of time than the trip from Downtown to Kapolei.  If the city decides to build another Zipper Lane going from Downtown to Kapolei theoretically the travel times for all Country Express C Buses will decrease.  Unfortunately the City has said that they will discontinue the use of the Country Express C Bus and all other express buses once the rail transit system is up and running.honolulurail_vs_bus

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