Introduction (alternatives)

The debate over the Honolulu Rail Transit system is easily one of Hawaii’s major controversial issues because the decision whether or not to build the rail will affect all of Hawaii’s citizens and visitors.  There are basically three groups of people/audience that I considered while writing this essaimages1.jpgy; they are the pro rail, anti rail and undecided.  This essay is from an anti-rail point of view, but with tasteful respect towards anyone who is pro rail and informative to those who are undecided.  I argue that the effectiveness of the elevated rail system is not worth the amount of 5.3 billion dollars, instead of going through with the building of the rail we should pause the construction to reconsider other cost efficient viable options for relieving the traffic problem on Oahu.  I understand that the city has already started construction on the rail, but if we pause the construction now and save that money we might be able to come up with a better solution.

Like all debates every issue has its pros and cons and the debate over the rail transit system is no different.  I do acknowledge the pro rail arguments such as the rail transit system will reduce traffic congestion, the rail will be a faster mode of transportation, and the rail will be “green” and economically friendly and will provide local jobs.  But does the cost outweigh the benefits? Or are there other transportation options that are cheaper and still get the same or better results for relieving the traffic crisis on Oahu than the proposed rail system?images


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